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Lessons of the War in Spain

By Gen. Maurice Duval


Gen. Duval traveled as an observer throughout the Nationalist zone during the Spanish Civil War, publishing his insights as Les Leçons de la Guerre d’Espagne in 1938.  Although Leçons received swift translations into Spanish and German, it was not until 1940 that an American Franco lobbyist, John Eoghan Kelly, produced an English version, and then only as a private venture.  Kelly and the Spanish translator were not always in agreement with Duval, and they let off steam by adding their own extended footnotes.  This first published edition of Kelly’s translation integrates all this fascinating commentary.  Additional notes by the editor compare and contrast the four language versions, for each translator had a different national perspective and hence each distorted Duval’s text in subtle yet pivotal ways.  According to the German translator, there were no German arms or personnel in Spain; according to Kelly, the limited numbers of Italian troops in Spain were enthusiastic volunteers.

At under a hundred pages, Lessons of the War in Spain provides a unique, manageable resource for any course of study into the Spanish Civil War, and is one of only a handful of primary sources available in English that views the war from a Nationalist perspective.  Includes a short biography of Duval, a book review by Kelly, glossary, maps, and photos.


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“Chapman’s critical edition is a noteworthy achievement, and it should be of interest and use not only to students of the Spanish Civil War, but also those interested in inter-war military thought in general.”

Geoffrey Jensen, Virginia Military Institute.  Journal of Military History, 72:3 (July 2008), pp. 970–71.

Lessons of the War in Spain, by Gen. Maurice Duval.  Trans. John Eoghan Kelly.  Ed. Michael E. Chapman.

            Reading, MA: Trebarwyth Press, 2006.  Hardcover.  140 pp.  ISBN: 978-0-9786597-0-7

            $35.  Quantity discounts available.

Historian’s Companion: Chronologies, Glossaries, Readings, Style Guide, by Michael E. Chapman.

            Reading, MA: Trebarwyth Press, 2008.  Softcover.  374 pp.  ISBN: 978-0-9786597-1-4

            $20.  Quantity discounts available.

Historian’s Companion:

Chronologies, Glossaries, Readings, Style Guide

By Michael E. Chapman


This compact resource is intended primarily for two-semester world history courses, although many of its document collections are just as applicable to American history or Western Civ. classes, and it contains appendices for courses of study in military history, the Vietnam War, the Spanish Civil War, and the history of modern terrorism.

Includes 106 documents, 20 chronologies, 11 glossaries, guide questions, a style guide, and tips for archival research.

Thesis Writer’s Guide:

Making an Argument in the Humanities and Social Sciences

By Michael E. Chapman


Table of Contents:

Brainstorming a Thesis

               Case-Study Approach

                       Choose a Topic

                       Pull—and Speed-Read—Secondary Sources

                       Scan the Archives


                       Identify a Problem, Ask a Question, Pose an Answer

                       Establish Proof of Concept

                       Design the Title

               Writing a Proposal

                       Topic and Thesis

                       Historiography: Three Uses

                       Sources, Methodology, Outline

Gathering the Evidence


                       Online Databases

                       Oral History Interviews

                       Film and Material Culture

               Blitzing an Archive

                       Before You Leave

                       On the Day

                       Once Inside

                       Photocopying, Photographing, Remote Control


                       Following Leads

                       What’s Missing

                       Fact Checking

               Office Work


                       Digital Material



Thesis Writer’s Guide: Making an Argument in the Humanities and Social Sciences, by Michael E. Chapman.

            Reading, MA: Trebarwyth Press, 2010.  Softcover.  122 pp.  ISBN: 978-0-9786597-3-8

            $14.  Quantity discounts available.


Table of Contents, continued:

Writing a Paper or Dissertation

          Textual Immersion



                  Plug in the Actors

                  Banish the Passive Voice

          Structured Précis

                  Paragraphs as Work Units

                               Road Maps

                               Practice the Fine Art of Précis

                       Polished Prose

                               Scholarly Style

                               Building the Argument

                               Print–Edit–Review Cycle

                       Completing the Project


                               Concluding Steps

             Publishing an Article or Monograph

                       Peer Review Process


                               Reviewers’ Reports

                               Revision and Pre-Press

                       Professional Ethics

                               Padding and Plagiarism

             Grammar and Style Essentials

             Rhetorical Constructs

             Useful—and Misused—Words




             Doing History


When East Met West:

World History Through Travelers’ Perspectives

By Robert E. Niebuhr


When East Met West is designed as a supplemental reader for classroom use.  Each of the six sections includes selected readings from historical actors, introductions with commentary, and discussion questions.  These lucid stories expose undergraduates to primary sources and the biases and machinations of how modern history has unfolded.

Ideal for World History courses or Western Civilization surveys, When East Met West includes:

• Critical introductory essay.

• Over 40 images and maps.

• 20 historical readings covering Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia / Pacific, China, the Americas, and Africa.

• An appendix featuring textual analysis and a selected word list.

When East Met West: World History Through Travelers’ Perspectives, by Robert E. Niebuhr.

            Reading, MA: Trebarwyth Press, 2010.  Softcover.  219 pp.  ISBN: 978-0-9786597-2-1

            $20.  Quantity discounts available.

Qitian’s Dream:

Bridging Cultures for Chinese and English Readers

齐天的梦想: 为中英文读者架起文化的桥梁

By Wang Changli and Michael E. Chapman


Qitian’s Dream will appeal to children and young readers as well as those learning Chinese or English as a foreign language.  As an aid for parents reading to their children at bedtime, the text is on the left with pictures on the right, fonts are oversized, and the language is simple, although its complexity increases somewhat toward the end.  Beneath the illustrations are a selection of culturally oriented features, set in smaller type for the advanced reader.

• English, Chinese, and pinyin.

• 27 rich, original paintings by acclaimed Chinese watercolor artist Wang Changli.

• 29 feature boxes on fascinating aspects of Chinese as well as U.S. culture and history

Qitian’s Dream: Bridging Cultures for Chinese and English Readers, by Wang Changli and Michael E. Chapman.

             Reading, MA: Trebarwyth Press, 2011.  Softcover.  64 pp.  210mm x 180mm.  ISBN: 978-0-9786597-5-2

             $12.  Quantity discounts available.

“Thesis Writer’s Guide is a fundamental source of study for students in the humanities and social sciences.  It offers highly applicable and readable advice on every step of preparing and producing an academic paper, from developing a research question, searching for evidentiary leads, and collecting data, to clarifying a thesis, formally composing an argument, and finally editing your work.  Its logic is clear and its style concise, with heady concepts explained in simple terms, using rich vocabulary and an abundance of personal anecdotes throughout.  The precise understanding and systematic implementation of this system will greatly enhance the international standing of researchers in the humanities and social sciences, as well as increase the viability of their works before international publications.  The book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to publish his or her research in English, and I earnestly recommend it to everyone.”

Zhou Qifeng, President, Peking University, 2011

Granite Cities, Yankee Heroes, American Dreams: A National History of Boston’s Bunker Hill Monument, by Michael E. Chapman.

            Reading, MA: Trebarwyth Press, 2012.  286 pp., 85 illustrations, large 180 x 260 mm format, oversize type.

            Paperback:         ISBN: 978-0-9786597-4-5          $18.  Acid-free 80 gsm paper, perfect binding.  Quantity discounts.

            Hardcover:         ISBN: 978-0-9786597-6-9          $35.  Acid-free 100 gsm paper, case binding, saddle stitched.

Granite Cities, Yankee Heroes, American Dreams

A National History of Boston’s Bunker Hill Monument

By Michael E. Chapman


“Mike Chapman’s Granite Cities, Yankee Heroes, American Dreams is ‘about’ the Bunker Hill Monument as much as Moby Dick is about a whale. Yes, we learn the fascinating story of the crucial Battle of Bunker Hill, and the campaign to build the Monument that still graces the Boston skyline; we also learn about Quincy granite and Charlestown’s twentieth-century culture of violence and silence; in this fast-paced, superbly-written, and meticulously researched study we come face to face with the meaning of America—just as Joseph Warren and Daniel Webster did on the storied hill overlooking Boston. This is a tour-de-force of historical writing—and an essential book to understanding history—what happened, how it is remembered, and why it still matters.”


Prof. Robert Allison,

Chair of the History Department, Suffolk University, and author of A Short History of Boston


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